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    Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.

    about us

           Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Hubei Fan Factory Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Sanfeng Turbine) is a modern high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in fan research and development, design and manufacturing, system consulting and service. It is also a backbone enterprise in China's fan industry , Central South fan industry leading enterprises. The company covers an area of 230 acres, plant area of 50,000 square meters, working staff of 650 people, with high-end processing and testing equipment more than 200 sets.
    product center
    Various types of turbine vacuum pumps, MVR steam compressors, movable / vane adjustable axial fans, subway / tunnel axial fans, jet fans, industrial large centrifugal blowers, ventilators and noise control equipment developed and manufactured by Sanfeng Turbine Products are widely used in many fields of papermaking, evaporation crystallization, thermal power generation, rail transit, tunnels, non-ferrous smelting of steel, environmental protection, dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, petrochemicals, coal chemical industry
    MVR steam compressor

    MVR steam compressor

    Concentrated by evaporation, crystallization, purification

    The product is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry (evaporation concentration, crystallization, purification), beverage industry, food and additives industry, pharmaceutical and biological engineering, desalination, sugar and salt making, milk making, wine making, corn starch processing, printing and dyeing , Environmental waste water treatment and other fields.

    Turbine vacuum machine

    Turbine vacuum machine

    Designed for paper machine vacuum system

    Multi-stage turbine vacuum machines and single-stage turbine vacuum machine designed for the paper machine vacuum system, the main features of high efficiency, low power consumption, stable and reliable. The device uses advanced ternary flow design theory and CFD flow field analysis technology to aerodynamic design of the impeller to achieve the best aerodynamic characteristics than the volumetric device more efficient. A multi-stage turbine vacuum machine can produce a variety of vacuum at the same time, a large amount of suction, vacuum adjustable size, non-scaling, adaptability, more suitable for papermaking process requirements; discharge of high-temperature gas can be recycled and reused; Compact, small footprint, save a lot of space; low maintenance costs, spare parts; multiple protection, stable and reliable operation; to solve the use of water ring vacuum pump brings a series of problems.

    DTF series

    DTF series

    Subway tunnel axial fan

    Technical Computational Fluid Dynamics

    The application of advanced CFD (Technical Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of DTF tunnel subway tunnel axial fans has reached the leading level of domestic counterparts in the field of wing theory, anti-surge fan design, vibration and noise reduction.

    DTF series