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    Did you know that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools despite the rise of social media, mobile and search marketing? Email marketing presents the best ROI for your business when done right. It helps you create deeper relationships with your customers and costs a fraction of other marketing channels. This ...
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    The tech industry is famed for its relaxed work environment. Free lunches, casual dressing, and ping pong tables are some of the perks that appear to be standard in this industry. However, it takes more than a homely environment to create an ideal work environment. If you want to work for a software company, you ...
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    Are you considering building a website for your business? If so, you will need a hosting account. When you’re starting out, it is probably best to go with shared hosting. This is a situation whereby a single physical server and the resources hosted therein are shared between several users. Each user is allocated a share ...
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    The Three Social Media marketing myths you need to push away! Myth #1 Social Media equals Digital marketing   Considering Social media to be Digital marketing is similar to consider that Lettuce is itself a salad. Just like Lettuce is one of the ingredients used to make a Salad, Social Media marketing too is one ...
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    It’s unavoidable that marketing and business management have gone digital. Is your business still playing catch up with all the advancing technology and new ways to reach and find customers? You may think creating an app is for the bigger businesses, but that isn’t the case. Small businesses can still benefit from having an app. ...
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    Whether you are concerned about the employees you manage or just yourself, work performance can always use a second look. If you feel you are struggling to keep up or do you job well, there are ways you can improve work performance with a just a few change in habits. Better performing software can make ...
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